Counter-ClockwisePlease remember that the boat traffic pattern on Forest Lake is COUNTER CLOCKWISE. This is especially important for boaters pulling skiers, boarders, and tubers. Because the lake is so small, having a set pattern for boating traffic allows other boats, jetskis, swimmers, and so on to anticipate your movements. Do the best that you can to stick to the pattern—let’s make this another safe summer!

Lake environments are very fragile. For their protection and yours, please keep in mind these basic rules:

  • Before launching your boat, please make sure that it has been washed clean of any possible plant material that could endanger the lake.
  • Keep a safe distance (100 feet) away from wildlife such as loons and their chicks to prevent injury.
  • Be careful of spills when refueling or mixing gas.
  • Keep a container aboard your watercraft for trash and take it with you when you leave.
  • Always use headway speed only in channels or as otherwise indicated by markers.
  • Be aware of water skiers and tubers who may cross your path when boating.
  • Remember to turn on your anchor and navigating lights at dusk.
  • Please respect the rights and privacy of waterfront property owners by not abusing their property.
  • Be familiar with Maine regulations concerning the your responsibilities as a boat operator