Meeting Minutes – March 2017

Trustee Meeting
March 17, 2017
Home of John & Janene Gorham

Present: Ellie and Greg Schulz, Debi and Jon Curry, Liz Hamilton, John and Janene Gorham, Paula Curcio.

Treasurer’s Report: Ellie Schulz reports balance of $8530.97

Secretary Report: No report, Secretary not present. Kaylene Mitchell has resigned as secretary due to personal reasons. Paula Curcio agrees to take over role until annual meeting in July when new secretary will be elected

Agenda items

  • 501c3 status: Ellie reports she has not been able to find FLA listed in state directory for 5013c status. Discussion followed that we do not need this and is costly and requires yearly tax forms. The benefit of having this as a non profit is so that donations may be claimed by giver.
  • Invasive plant monitors and water quality monitors: Ed Keenan has resigned as leader. Karen Hall has agreed to do this per Ed. Have not been able to contact Karen to confirm. Liz will see her and confirm. John and Janene are currently doing water quality monitoring in addition to invasive plant surveying. Help is needed. Janene will send out to trustees the dates and information from VLMP regarding training workshops.
  • Earth Day action: will postpone this year as date is only a week away from our Watershed survey weekend.
  • Newsletter: Janene felt that since Debi has been doing much computer and other work for FLA, we should put out newsletter yearly instead of twice yearly. Members approved. She needs articles and input to put in it. She also requests that we get returned mail from survey homeowners letters to update database. Letters were mailed first class so that we could get returned mail. Greg will look into getting us another key to Grey PO Box.
  • Ice Out date: discussion followed on when this actually is to be recorded. Paula looked up on internet and it is when 90% of lake is clear. We will report this to VLMP as requested for state data tracking
  • Watershed survey update: Steering Committee has received $3500 in grant money from Town of Windham and VLMP. Still waiting to hear if Cumberland will come through with $750 that was put into budget. More volunteers are needed. Otherwise survey is on schedule for April 29 and everything is in place to go forward with DEP workers. Members expressed concern over erosion from wake boats and reported several areas on Windham roads with run off. Hopefully this will be addressed during survey.
  • By Laws: Janene brought up by laws stating we need to meet at least quarterly. Due to limited members, we will not have quorum at most meetings. Next meeting: Wed, June 7, 2017

Meeting Adjourned

  • Addenda:

    Debi Curry checked state web site and FLA is a Nonprofit Corporation (T13-B is good standing)

    Liz contacted Karen Hall and she confirmed that she will be Invasive plant monitoring coordinator with Jim as back up

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