Meeting Minutes – June 27, 2018

Board of Trustees Meeting
27 Jun 2018; 6:30 PM
West Cumberland Fire Station

Attending: John & Janene Gorham, Paula Curcio, Greg & Ellie Schulz, Ted Ney, Jon & Debi Curry

Secretary Report: read from minutes online. Ted motioned/Jon seconded; approved

Treasurer’s Report: $145 deposit from dues; tomorrow add’ $375 to be deposited. Payments made for newsletter printing/distribution and the 501(c)3 application. Ted thinks fee will not be applied until our application is approved. Current balance unreconciled is about $14,029 including the $6000 from Windham and the $2500 from Windham last year. Ted motioned/Jon seconded; approved.

Annual Meeting Agenda

  • Watershed Plan – Greg Schulz may do this, but would like to keep it brief. Talking “broad picture” plan status. No specific sites for work will be indicated, as decisions have not yet been made about where money will be spent. Greg reports that people are “watching” even though they may not actively participate, so info is out there.
  • Bylaws – Debi will read proposed bylaw amendments. Motion made to strike amendment referring to bonding of the Treasurer; moved, seconded.
  • Liaison Committee – Ted will provide a brief report of Liaison Committee and current activities, including attending council meetings [6-month moratorium approval]. Greg asks whether FLA needs to play a role in research or other assistance to help during moratorium.  John Gorham speaks to historical reference of boat landing and role FLA played at the time. Greg reviews purpose of moratorium and the goal of tightening ordinance language to better reflect Windham objectives.
  • Invasive Plant Report – Janene will report. Janene thinks that we have about 8 plant surveyors. Jim Gameros & Karen Hall wanted to be involved, but Janene doesn’t know whether they have been reporting on their work. Ted will stop by to check if they have paperwork on patrol reports that are complete. Paperwork goes to Lake Stewards of Maine [VLMP]
  • Ted suggests that we invite Town Managers and Council Chairs. He will draft something and send it to Debi for distribution.
  • Raffle – Jon & Debi [LL Bean]; Ted [Budd’s, Goose Pond; North Cove, Cook’s]; Paula [Winslow Garden]; Ellie [Lakeside, Budd’s, Bru-Thru]

Greg requests that we consider the status of Trustees that are not active. Discussion about terms of current Trustees… Greg needs to be moved to 2020 rather than 2019 to make three-three-three


Janene says she has talked to three lake associations and a lawyer. Lawyer says that insurance, if secured, would be only to cover legal fees if we were to be sued, as assets of volunteers are protected by State and Federal law. John Gorham agrees that there is a Statute to protect volunteers. Discussion ensues about whether we need to have insurance to cover the possibility of suit. General opinion is that we should have insurance to protect our assets and our volunteers.

Ted says in the event of a suit, that all volunteer personal property would be in peril.

Additional discussion about other lake associations and recommendations online to secure insurance for nonprofit organizations with volunteers.

Ted makes a motion to pay $750-$800 per year for $1M D & O Insurance. Seconded by Greg. 6 in favor; 2 no.

Budget – Ellie asks whether a budget needs to be prepared for Annual Meeting. Since requirement will be in bylaw amendments slated for approval, a budget is not currently required.  But, she will put something together for this year.

Nominations – Debi, Barb, and Ellie are up for re-election. Debi sent a written notice of her intent to NOT seek re-election about two weeks ago. Greg talked at some length about the nature of FLA and the absolute NEED to be direct advocates in the political arena for the lake. Paula thanked Debi for her many contributions. Trustees asked that Debi re-consider her position; she will take their interests under advisement.

Community: Ted talked with Dennis Brown at Highland Lake about meeting of minds and overlap of interests. How can we help each other as organizations? Janene will arrange for a small group meeting.

Ted made motion to adjourn. Paula second. Approved.
Meeting closed 8:01 PM
Next meeting date is Annual Meeting on July 21

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