Meeting Minutes – July 2012

2012 Forest Lake Association Annual Meeting
July 21, 2012
Methodist Church Hall, Cumberland

Meeting called to order @ 8:45 am after all enjoyed delicious potluck breakfast buffet.

Secretary report: read and accepted. Treasurer report: read and accepted.

Water quality: Bob Heyner
Surface temp 82 degrees; at 12 feet temp is 54 degrees; Secchi disc reading shows water clarity to 4.9 m/15 feet.  E coli check to be done over Labor Day. Lake in good shape. Holding her own.  Concern was expressed over fireworks going off and falling into lake. One of the attending members asked if anyone knew what the effects on the lake are. The board agreed to research to see if any significant harm is caused by the fireworks. Members then had a discussion about the overall improvement in lake quality. They discussed past of poor lake quality, trash in lake. It was noted that in the early 1990s, FLA became more aggressive in stewardship of lake. Workshops were sponsored. Entire watershed survey was completed, and federal 319 clean water act grants enabled significant work to be done that has decreased phosphorous run-off into the lake.

Safety report: Ed Keenan
Ed’s 8th season as safety officer. Thanks Ed!  Ed opened by asking if there are any new attendees and introduced a new couple on lake, Charlie Mitchell and Kim Higgins.  Safety boating rules were reviewed:

  • Reminder of headway speed in areas marked with buoys or near shore (state law requires headway speed within 200 feet from shore).
  • No power crafts between rafts and shore.
  • Life jackets must be on board and out of plastic wrappers. Must be worn if < 10 yrs of age.
  • Towing skiers dusk to dawn only. Must have spotter.
  • Running lights must be on after dark.
  • Jet skis over age 16 after safety course.
  • All motorized watercraft must be registered and stickered.
  • Fishing license required for 16 years old and up. Out of state 12 years and up
  • Alcohol level same as cars. Don’t drink and drive a boat. This is Maine law.
  • Karen Hall added that we need to stress a sense of community to keep the lake clean and safe. Watch out for neighbors. If dock washes up, tie it up. If a boat is swamping, bail it out. If you see something wrong, report it or contact owner. Inform renters, etc. of lake rules, especially counterclockwise boating.

Break for raffle and Pie Auction.

Plant Patrol Report: Karen Hall
Milfoil scare turned out to be just that a SCARE. WE DO NOT HAVE INVASIVE, NON-NATIVE MILFOIL IN FOREST LAKE. We have native species of Farwells and low water milfoil. Growths have died back as cycle ended. Likely a “bloom and doom” scenario.  We have 4 known naiad species, which is a sign of a healthy lake.  Many other species, a lot of bladderwort this year.
Karen suggested that anyone interested in learning more about the plants in the lake should consider joining the plant patrollers. Snorkeling is fun and opportunity to see all the plant life.  Connor Hughes passed around samples of native plants.  Contact Karen or plant patroller if you see something you worry about.

General: Jim Gameros
Property maintenance essential to lake health. Clearcutting in 0-250 feet from shore (shoreland zoning) is illegal. Any other plant removal or tree cutting needs to be approved by town and done with shoreland zoning permit. If you see unpermitted work, especially clearcutting, take pictures, report to town code officer.

Members discussed video documenting the shoreline so that we have comparison pictures when someone decides to clear trees and plants without a permit. Clearcutting is harmful to the lake because it allows more phosphorus runoff.  Water level can no longer be lowered or raised. Risk of harming properties. Eutrophication is occurring naturally in swamp area on southeast area of lake.

Large tree fallen in water at corner of Heyner’s property. This is a danger to boaters as it is mostly submerged. Bob would appreciate anyone’s willingness to pull it out. Self-monitoring, helping our neighbors, watching each others’ property was emphasized.

Officers: President : Karen Hall, Vice President: Jim Gameros
Secretary: Janene Gorham, Treasurer : Ralph Ludington

Approved and accepted unanimously.

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