Meeting Minutes – August 15, 2018

Forest Lake Association
Board of Trustees Meeting
August 15, 2018
Cumberland Center Fire Dept.

Attending: Ted Ney, Brianna Clark, Janene Gorham, John Gorham, Greg Schulz, Ellie Schulz, Jon Curry, Debi Curry, Antonio Rocha

  • Secretary Report – Debi reviewed the online minutes of the 27 Jun 2018.  All in favor; approved.
  • Treasurer Report – reconciled at balance of $14,852.66 including the ~$6,000 from the Town of Windham.  Have received $1,625 revenue between annual meeting and recent receipts detailed as:  $1, 435 annual dues + 130 raffle $50 coasters $10 donation.  Insurance payment has already cleared; payment for 501(c)3 has not yet cleared.  Ellie and Janene will meet next week to add Janene as authorized signatory on the checking account.  Report accepted unanimously.
  • Old Business:
    • Annual Meeting review – All reported positive experiences, and were pleased to see (3) Gray Town Council members in attendance.  We should send thank you notes to those who contributed to the raffle.  Janene has the list of raffle items.
    • IPP – Ed Keenan agreed to help organize and make sure the lake gets checked in all sectors this month.  Additional discussion/description of the Plexiglass bottom boat.
    • Janene mentioned that some folks received multiple copies of the newsletter.  Debi discussed de-duping of the list and the total quantity.
    • Civic affairs Committee update – Ted updated on activities of committee.  Mineral extraction committee is focused on minutiae of the extraction process.  Civic Affairs Committee will advise as to when communications for meeting support need to be disseminated.  The Civic Affairs committee is meeting with a scientist in late August to learn more about the impact of clear cutting trees. The Mineral Extraction Committee is also planning to have a public hearing to share information on their findings.  Ted spoke with Valerie Legaux/Rick Irving of Moosewalk who have offered to assist with FLA efforts when/if needed.
  • New Business:
    • DO Meter expenses – Equipment required a new membrane; Janene was told that they only last about 6 months.  Repair/replacement and calibration was ~$175.  Janene will check with other lake monitors as to whether this replacement schedule seems appropriate.
    • FLA/HLA meeting – Discussed formation of a coalition, possibly to include the three Gray lakes mentioned by Councilor Wilson of Gray.  DEP should be checking phosphorus levels on a regular basis, especially in new developments.  Initial FLA/HLA meeting was focused on quarry concerns; they expect other topics will be covered in future meetings.  Additional study at Highland Lake to determine cause of blooms include more regular and focused phosphorus testing.
    • Suggestion that FLA consider the possibility of a Leadership Team to address lake concerns like Highland Lake has done.
    • General discussion re: $6,000 Windham grant status; road associations; road maintenance programs; possibility of matching funds from road association.  Possibility of contacting upcoming president, Scott Campbell to see if we can move the process forward.  Possibly work directly with a contractor to facilitate process. Hope to have Kevin, Mike, & Scott meet to discuss how to proceed with a project to use these funds.  Greg to contact Adam Selleck [CCSWCD] about results/report from previous visit/consult.
    • Correspondence from Lake Stewards of Maine [VLMP].  Seeking a donation from FLA.  Approved $100 donation.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20PM

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