Domestic Water Source Survey

The Forest Lake Association initiated an informal survey of domestic water supply sources in the Forest Lake watershed to provide data to the towns of Cumberland, Gray, and Windham as they study the effects of various land use activities on our aquifer and water tables.

A link to a Google-based survey was sent to 156 individuals who opted-in to the Forest Lake news subscription list. Of these, 60% opened to read, and 51% of readers clicked through to the survey.  A second round was sent to initial non-responders [60] resulting in an additional 8 clicks.

The survey was also promoted via the Forest Lake Facebook group and with an article published by the Connected news portal managed by the Town of Gray with this introduction:

“Residents of Gray, Cumberland, and Windham who live within the Forest Lake watershed are encouraged to participate in a quick survey of domestic water source types.  This data will be instrumental as these towns compile studies of our aquifer and water tables.  Compiled data – with the exclusion of email addresses – will be shared with all three towns.”


Of the seventy-seven [77] survey responses, and overwhelming majority – 75.3% – rely on a drilled well for their domestic water supply.  Those without drilled wells cited dug wells, lake water, public water, holding tanks, and point wells or a combination thereof.

Survey respondents were almost exclusively [96%] homeowners, and represented the towns of Cumberland [20], Gray [34], and Windham [23].

Graph of Domestic Water Survey results