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The Forest Lake Association Civic Affairs Committee focuses on potential threats to our water quality and/or standard of life within the watershed area.

A combined FLA/citizen’s initiative created a focused FRIENDS OF FOREST LAKE Facebook group to post news, meeting notices, address concerns and open related conversation. Our current center of attention is the potential impact of the proposed quarry off of Lakeside Drive. We will be posting upcoming events, information and documents related to this in order to protect the lake, the watershed and aquifer from this ill-conceived threat.

We encourage watershed residents from Windham, Cumberland, Falmouth and Gray to join in order to be well-informed and to participate in this important process.




An Open Letter to the Forest Lake Community, April 2018

map of proposed quarry location

Proposed Quarry Location

Dear Forest Lake Association Member,

In March a group of concerned members in our Windham, Cumberland, and Gray communities became aware of a proposed project that is believed will affect the quality of life of all of us living in this beautiful part of Maine. The proposed project, a 106 acre mineral extraction site (also known as a quarry) is planned to go in on Lakeside Drive in Windham, along the south west shore of Forest Lake. The current location would place this large industrial operation in both the Highland Lake and Forest Lake watersheds. Both Forest Lake and Highland Lake are listed in the MDEP Nonpoint Source (NPS) Priority Watershed document in the “Threatened Lakes Priority List” [1].  These lakes also appear in Chapter 502: Direct Watersheds of Lakes Most at Risk from New Development in the list of “Lakes Most at Risk from New Development.”[2]

These neighbors formed the Friends of Forest Lake (FOFL) community group which is committed to finding facts, increasing awareness regarding how both the environment and our lives might be impacted by the presence of a working quarry in our community, and with the help of your support and involvement bringing community concerns collectively to the officials who ultimately decide whether the project is approved.  We feel strongly that the lake and surrounding areas are worth protecting so that they can be enjoyed by future generations.

The Be Informed flier contains an introduction to some of the currently voiced environmental impact concerns and safety & quality of life considerations/questions in order to help you to be informed in this conversation.  We hope that as members of our greater community that you will choose to share your presence, your knowledge and your voice with your fellow community members, staying actively informed.

What can you do?  Get involved!

We encourage any concerned neighbors to:

  • Get informed on Facebook by joining the Friends of Forest Lake group.
  • COME TO THE WINDHAM TOWN COUNCIL MEETING ON TUESDAYS, 7pm at the Windham Town Hall (8 School Road Windham, ME 04062)

If you can’t attend Town Council Meetings, we encourage you to please call Windham Town Councilors and the Town Manager to voice your concerns about this project.

Friends of Forest Lake (FOFL)

Windham Town Councilors

Donna Chapman CH
Robert Muir VC
Jarrod Maxfield
Rebecca Cummings
Timothy Nangle
Dennis Welch PL
Clayton Haskell
Tony Plante (Town Manager)

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