2017 Annual Meeting Minutes

West Cumberland Methodist Church Hall
Blackstrap Road, Cumberland, me
July 22, 2017

Call to order: 8:35 am

Secretaries Report: Summary and reading of the 2016 annual meeting minutes, provided.

Treasurer’s Report: July 2016 0 July 2017 Profit & Loss Detail report provided. Total income $5,916. Major source of income, grants $3,500. Total expenses $2,339. Major expense Watershed survey $1,175. Total net income (income minus expenses) $3,577.

Water Quality Report: Steadily improving water quality. The 2001 watershed survey a major contributor, as well as individual homeowner action and attention. Plant patrol results look good, some algae blooms but they are normal and healthy. If anyone has any questions, call the plant patrollers any time. Lake depth is an average 14 feet. It takes only three years for an invasive plant to take over. We have 14 plant patrollers and they conduct an annual survey in August. Paul Cicero recently completed the Secci disk training, adding another qualified citizen scientist to our ranks.

Water Safety Reminders:

  • The water skiing route runs counter clockwise.
  • Buoys mean headway speed only, which means no wake and as slow as you can go. The buoy locations are set by the state and have GPS coordinates associated with them. There is a need to get those coordinates and share them with Barb. Thanks to Barb for her assistance!
  • Jet skis can only be operated between sunrise and sunset and drivers must 18 years or older, or have an approved license.
  • All boats should carry a fire extinguisher.
  • All children under 10 must be in life jackets.
  • If you are towing a tube or skier you are required to have a spotter over the age of 12.

Watershed Survey Report: Please see the draft report and list of volunteers provided. The effort was a great deal of hard and showed some encouraging results. Things have improved since the 2001 report. There were 76 problem sites identified. !3 are considered high impact, 29 medium, 32 low impact. The road associations are aware of erosion and bare soil issues and are looking for help. Two sites have already been repaired. In August a letter summarizing the findings will be available and in Sept. – Oct. a final report will be provided. Special thanks to Debi for getting the word out and getting information and documents up on the website: www.forestlakeme.com. The financial recap handout provided showed total project cost of $1,446 with $2,053 remaining on the support grants.

Dues: Everyone is encouraged to contribute $25 per year to support the shared work of the Forest Lake Association.

Trash: Please do not put trash or free items at the end of Old Road and Island Ave.

Elections: Rob Belanger made a motion to approve the 2018 Board of Trustees and alternates as follows. Attendees approved unanimously.

2017/18 Trustees and Terms

  • Janene Gorham, President (2020)
  • Ellie Shultz, Treasurer (2018)
  • Debi Curry, Secretary (2018)
  • Greg Schulz, Vice President (2019)
  • Jon Curry (2020)
  • John G. (2019)
  • Liz Hamilton (2019)
  • Barb Telefsen (2018)
  • Paula Curcio (2019)


  • Tina LeBlanc (2018) [note: resigned mid-term]
  • Kim Higgins (2018)
  • Fred Wolf (2019)
  • Ted Nye (2018)

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 10:15 am.

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